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Haeckels is a natural fragrance and skin care brand based in the town of Margate on the Kent coast. All products are born out of a love and appreciation for natural ingredients and their passion for cultivating fragrant plants and herbs indigenous to the UK that heal and care.
All hand-crafted products are formulated in their Laboratory where they distill locally growing botanicals that offer the very best anti-oxidant properties.


Haeckels Chamomile Incense comes from the family Asteraceae Chamomile, a daisy like family of plants which have been commonly used to make herb infusions to medicate ailments for centuries.  The scent is a fresh floral which is reminiscent of open summer cliff tops and leaves the air fresh and fragrant.



  • Light cone and burn for around 15 seconds blowing the ember hot and place in the heart of your home.
  • Use the Lid as a burning surface.
  • Burning time: 15 min aprox. Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (medium size room).


ingredients: Myrica Gale (Bog Myrtle) Oil.


25g (approx 20 cones)



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Chamomile Incense.jpg