Ghost Wares is a Melbourne based ceramics studio with an emphasis on creating objects that are elegant and playful.


Each product is an exploration of clay made by hand at the potter's wheel, allowing for an ever evolving range of complementary pieces with an emphasis on a contemporary aesthetic.


There are 2 specific design elements that excite, inspire and enchant us with Ghost Wares - form and palette.


Form | The uncomplicated pieces from Ghost Wares tableware range are simple and perfectly complimentary without decoration or unnecessary adornment.  Stylish and functional, each piece represents Ghost Wares design philosophy of timeless restraint.


Palette | The Ghost Wares palette is subtle and muted with a mix of white, soft pink, sage, slate and olive. The exterior of each piece is left unglazed to show the naked, fired clay and a clear glaze is applied to the interior for lining. This method accentuates the natural clay elements and the matte exterior emphasises the delicacy and subtlety of both palette and material.


We are thrilled to share Ghost Wares with our customers and to support this creative studio as their exclusive UK retail partner. 




The Palorosa Project aesthetic is minimal, essential and contemporary.

Inspired by Guatemala City and the country's landscape, founder, Italian born Cecilia Pirani works with local Guatemalan artisans to design and produce hand woven baskets and objects 'curated from distant places for everyday urban use'.

The Palorosa Project has evolved from a desire to rethink and re-purpose utilitarian objects using innovative colours and shapes. To bring together design and artisan whilst promoting local craft and manufacture.

The most important aspect of The Palorosa Project is the partnership with local communities to understand, develop and sustain the handmade process as well as material and colour research. Hand woven in Guatemala incorporating recycled plastic, each product is created with a colour palette that is subtle, earthy and soft and that reflects the local Guatemalan culture as well as Cecilia's unique design aesthetic.

We are pleased to be partnering with Palorosa and to support this craft-preservation and local manufacture project. We have selected our favourite bi-coloured totes from the current collection which are available in 3 differing sizes and can be used as shopping totes or home storage baskets.

Neck 1.jpg


The Japanese principle of KANSO informs that design be simple, graceful and clean. Our design aesthetic has always been rooted in the philosophy of KANSO - Simplicity.

For us, plain, simple design that is not over embellished with an emphasis on function rather than decoration dictates the choices we make and products we select for the store. The ancient ZEN lesson 'Eliminate what doesn't matter to make more room for what does' is a core value at the forefront of our product selection. We believe our customers are not only looking for form but also function and good, considered design will always promote ‘function over form’ in our everyday lives that is also aesthetically pleasing in a simple, parred back way. 

We continually select and promote creators whose aesthetic blends tradition and modernity to create an innovative lifestyle concept suited to simple, modern living. An example would be the simple geometry of Hasami Porcelain, a multi-functional tableware concept designed for eating, serving and storage combining traditional technique with a modern approach to living.

We have also applied the KANSO principal when selecting our recently added fashion brands to compliment our lifestyle offer. We have chosen Japanese brands Fujito and A Vontade for their simple, timeless, wearable design and support of traditional technique updated with modern fabrication. 


SOH Melbourne (Scent of Home) is an original fragrance house founded in 2013 with the focus on creating fragrances that are clean, fresh and pared back within a luxurious candle. Kristine Brown is the nose behind this unique collection and her modern approach as a fragrance artisan is to innovate age old perfumery using modern techniques, sustainable ingredients and recycled materials.


‘We exist to make beautiful fragrances, to give every SOH customer an experience, from opening the layers of our packaging, to burning their candle and being surrounded in luxury’ 


For Kristine, the fragrance is the most important part of any candle and at SOH, the fragrances are a highly concentrated composition built on a considered selection of simple, natural ingredients to reveal the true fragrance and a more polished scent. The sustainable Soy Wax composition is a blend of natural waxes selected for their high scent performance and clean burning qualities.


Each candle is beautifully packaged, hand wrapped and sealed to represent the SOH simplicity. The unique candle vessels are also sourced to represent the SOH ethos. The Glass ranges are recycled and the Metal vessels are all hand spun by artisans in India. All vessels are intended to be recycled and re-used long after the candle has been burned.



Shop SOH Melbourne



Watch Kristine at work below...



British fashion label King & Tuckfield creates modern reinterpretations of mid-century, classic silhouettes reinvented in utilitarian fabrics.


Brand Profile |

King & Tuckfield is a brand that tells stories. The professions, clothes and lives of two real people influence the collection. Every fabric and trim has been meticulously curated to contribute to King & Tuckfield’s unfolding narrative. Favouring cut and finish over overt branding King & Tuckfield sets a new benchmark for detail-obsessed clothing.


KING | a ballet teacher from the East End of London in the 1940s is the inspiration behind the elegant, free-flowing women’s collection.


TUCKFIELD | a former soldier in the British army in the 1940’s and Yorkshire mineworker, has inspired the tough, practical look and structure of the men’s range.


We have selected our favourite pieces from the SS17 King & Tuckfield contemporary collection which draws from a family archive of 1950’s photographs recollecting lazy summers framed against a windswept British coastal backdrop.









WORKSHOP COMMUNITY; a collective of people with common interests who collaborate by sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and skills.

We have long had a love and appreciation of perfume and fragrance both personal and for the home. We believe scent should evoke an olfactory and sensory experience of memory, reminiscence and mood.

In collaboration with our WORKSHOP COMMUNITY, we are excited to announce that the Experimental Perfume Club will be bringing their Perfume Making Masterclass to Brighton.

Join Perfume Curator Emmanuelle Moeglin for a unique nose-opening experience where you will learn about the art and logic of creating a fragrance and make your own bespoke scent from scratch. During the 4 Hour workshop you will delve into the intriguing world of scent, find your‘nose’ and develop your own descriptive vocabulary, learn about how perfumes are made and sniff and discuss a selection of perfumery ingredients both natural & synthetic.

The workshop will include expert discussion about the creative process of perfume creation, a one-on-one guided experience when creating your own scent, a workbook filled with key fragrance facts and a 10ml bottle of your own bespoke fragrance with your very own formula that can be recreated for re-fills.

Tickets are £95 per person and you can BOOK HERE


date: Sunday October 2nd 2016

time: 11.30am - 3.30pm

location: WORKSHOP 13a Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HE


LH DESIGN workshop | SOLD OUT |

WORKSHOP COMMUNITY; a collective of people with common interests who collaborate by sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and skills.

We have the pleasure of hosting a brush lettering workshop, as part of WORKSHOP COMMUNITY with LH Design in August. Lola Hoad is a creative entrepreneur who owns LH Design studio, and specialises in hand lettered paper goods with contemporary expressions and quotes.

Lola will introduce the art of brush lettering, then you'll work on simple exercises that will enable you to create brush strokes and shapes with the brush. You'll then practice writing words and phrases with plenty of help and advice available. By the end of the workshop, you'll be well on your way to developing your own brush lettering style, and you'll also get to take home your very own motivational print, created on the day.

All essential tools such as a brush pen, pencil, ink and paper will be provided, and are included in the ticket price. You can also take them home with you so you can continue your journey with brush lettering.

Tickets are £49 per person and you can BOOK HERE


date: Sunday September 18th 2016

time: 11.30am - 1pm

location: WORKSHOP 13a Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HE



WORKSHOP COMMUNITY; a collective of people with common interests who collaborate by sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and skills.


We are pleased to announce that as part of the launch of WORKSHOP COMMUNITY we will be hosting a workshop with London Terrariums 

Using specialist hand-made tools you will build your own Tinyjohn terrarium, a simple silhouette that is the perfect botanical display for home decor.

During the workshop you will learn how these miniature self contained eco-systems create their own water cycle and their history from Victorian curiosity to botanical research. 

All contents, glass vessels and tools will be provided + a London Terrarium Tote Bag to take your botanical creation home with.

Tickets are £40 per person and you can BOOK HERE

We look forward to welcoming you!


date: Sunday July 24th 2016

time: 11am - 1pm

location: WORKSHOP 13a Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HE