Jack Havelock Bailey of Havelock Studio is a designer and maker of products and objects specialising in the materials concrete and wood. He believes in simple, beautiful and functional design and creates products that are both considered in function and aesthetically pleasing.

These handmade concrete egg cups have been designed to be a simple, graphic and tactile object. 

The sharp profile contrasts nicely against the natural egg shape and the ‘cup’ is convex rather than concave so it will comfortably fit any size egg.

The concrete is finished using a food safe product which seals the surface helping prevent staining and aids cleaning. 

Simply rinse in warm water and dry with a tea towel. Avoid using scourers and avoid using the dishwasher.


  • H 5cm x W 4.5cm
  • due to the production process, no two holders are the same and slight colour variations and surface bubbles can occur
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