WORKSHOP COMMUNITY; a collective of people with common interests who collaborate by sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and skills.

We have long had a love and appreciation of perfume and fragrance both personal and for the home. We believe scent should evoke an olfactory and sensory experience of memory, reminiscence and mood.

In collaboration with our WORKSHOP COMMUNITY, we are excited to announce that the Experimental Perfume Club will be bringing their Perfume Making Masterclass to Brighton.

Join Perfume Curator Emmanuelle Moeglin for a unique nose-opening experience where you will learn about the art and logic of creating a fragrance and make your own bespoke scent from scratch. During the 4 Hour workshop you will delve into the intriguing world of scent, find your‘nose’ and develop your own descriptive vocabulary, learn about how perfumes are made and sniff and discuss a selection of perfumery ingredients both natural & synthetic.

The workshop will include expert discussion about the creative process of perfume creation, a one-on-one guided experience when creating your own scent, a workbook filled with key fragrance facts and a 10ml bottle of your own bespoke fragrance with your very own formula that can be recreated for re-fills.

Tickets are £95 per person and you can BOOK HERE


date: Sunday October 2nd 2016

time: 11.30am - 3.30pm

location: WORKSHOP 13a Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HE


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