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The Japanese principle of KANSO informs that design be simple, graceful and clean. Our design aesthetic has always been rooted in the philosophy of KANSO - Simplicity.

For us, plain, simple design that is not over embellished with an emphasis on function rather than decoration dictates the choices we make and products we select for the store. The ancient ZEN lesson 'Eliminate what doesn't matter to make more room for what does' is a core value at the forefront of our product selection. We believe our customers are not only looking for form but also function and good, considered design will always promote ‘function over form’ in our everyday lives that is also aesthetically pleasing in a simple, parred back way. 

We continually select and promote creators whose aesthetic blends tradition and modernity to create an innovative lifestyle concept suited to simple, modern living. An example would be the simple geometry of Hasami Porcelain, a multi-functional tableware concept designed for eating, serving and storage combining traditional technique with a modern approach to living.

We have also applied the KANSO principal when selecting our recently added fashion brands to compliment our lifestyle offer. We have chosen Japanese brands Fujito and A Vontade for their simple, timeless, wearable design and support of traditional technique updated with modern fabrication. 


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