SOH Melbourne (Scent of Home) is an original fragrance house founded in 2013 with the focus on creating fragrances that are clean, fresh and pared back within a luxurious candle. Kristine Brown is the nose behind this unique collection and her modern approach as a fragrance artisan is to innovate age old perfumery using modern techniques, sustainable ingredients and recycled materials.


‘We exist to make beautiful fragrances, to give every SOH customer an experience, from opening the layers of our packaging, to burning their candle and being surrounded in luxury’ 


For Kristine, the fragrance is the most important part of any candle and at SOH, the fragrances are a highly concentrated composition built on a considered selection of simple, natural ingredients to reveal the true fragrance and a more polished scent. The sustainable Soy Wax composition is a blend of natural waxes selected for their high scent performance and clean burning qualities.


Each candle is beautifully packaged, hand wrapped and sealed to represent the SOH simplicity. The unique candle vessels are also sourced to represent the SOH ethos. The Glass ranges are recycled and the Metal vessels are all hand spun by artisans in India. All vessels are intended to be recycled and re-used long after the candle has been burned.



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